[Teensinthewoods] Marsha May

Gotta love the scams these teenage girls come up with for the sake of partying. Marsha May and her friend Lydia Black head out to a remote cabin in the Old North Woods to buy some fake I.D.’s that say they’re 21. They even decide to bring a cake to celebrate their phony 21st birthdays. The girls make out in the woods, and lesbian sex is imminent, but a masked lunatic has his own plans for the girls and chases them. Marsha soon becomes lost in the dark scary woods, but lucky for her, and even luckier for Ranger Brick, she finds his cabin. Ranger Brick is reluctant to cut into his vacation time to help her. Marsha tells Brick she’ll do anything if he helps her and lets her stay the night. Master Brick ties Marsha?s wrists with rope and her sex slave training begins. A deepthroat blowjob with cake and sprinkles is just what Master Brick needs to get in the mood to humiliate Marsha with rough sex and BDSM. Marsha’s shapely ass gets spanked hard and her big tits and little pink nipples look great bouncing and jiggling as Brick fucks her in doggie, missionary and piledriver positions before unleashing a big load of jizz on her face and throwing her out into the night, naked and banged to bits.