[BrutalPickups] Jojo Kiss

Smokey-eyed honey, JoJo Kiss is broke and alone and wandering the mean streets of a shitty ghetto desperate to get back to safety. Anything could happen out here, and none of it is good. Asking the wrong person for assistance could be fatal, but she has no choice. She spots Bruno smoking a cigarette on the street and begs for help. He listens to her, but isn’t friendly? at all! Bruno blows smoke in her face and drags her into the doorway of a building by her hair. He pulls her shirt up and her shorts down and shoves his huge cock into her naked pussy. He ties her hands with rope and tapes her mouth shut with duct tape. Master Bruno puts JoJo through every hardcore humiliation possible, concluding with a lengthy rough sex session in plain view of everyone. Nothing like extreme teen public sex. When he finally glazes her face and tits with his cum, he throws a few dollars at her for a cab ride home. Not so bad after all!